Using a disruptive and innovative insurance industry model, CapSure provides alternative wealth creation and risk mitigation strategies using purpose-built insurance subsidiaries to protect and grow business value for profitable growing enterprises with predictable risk profiles. Businesses can shift inflated insurance premiums paid to brokers and commercial carriers into a self-directed insurance and asset protection vehicle that broadens coverage, lowers cost, preserves capital, increases equity, and realizes tax benefits.


CapSure specializes in providing its clients with unique business, insurance and risk financing strategies. With over two decades of experience designing insurance companies, the CapSure team brings unparalleled tools and expertise in helping businesses understand their insurance needs, and when appropriate, establish, underwrite and manage licensed purpose built insurance companies.



CapSure provides clients with the roadmap to navigate an otherwise complicated insurance company formation and regulatory approval process. CapSure provides its clients with a seamless turn-key formation solution. Our experienced team assists in every step, from the initial consultation and risk assessment, to coordinated underwriting and insurance regulatory application submission, through the final regulatory approval, closing procedures and day to day management of the licensed insurance company.