Warren Vickers

Warren Vickers is Managing Director of CapSure. He has over a decade of experience in the financial services and risk management industries helping private companies maximize profit and improve their operational efficiency using data-driven analytics. Warren leads the executive team in planning the long-term strategy and business development efforts to drive revenue growth. He oversees the financial operations of the company and is responsible for monitoring and implementing the performance measures that support the company’s strategic direction. Warren has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Cleveland State University.


Shawn Neece

Shawn Neece, CPA, CGMA is a Director and Board Member of CapSure. In addition, he is the founding member of NMS Inc. (formerly Neece & Malec) in January of 1996, where he is currently the managing director and works in development of the firms national practices, including alternative risk management structures, international taxation, and tax issues related to real estate industries (including preservation tax credits). Prior to starting NMS, he was a treasurer of a middle market company and a banker. Shawn has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Cleveland State University and a Master of Science in Accountancy from Kent State University.